Celebrating our Helions - Creating New Festivals to Heal the Earth

Stories and guides for creating cosmic oriented permaculture festivals for restoring earth's resilience. Major Focus is on the deeper patterns and especialy those shared globally, such as our planets dance around the sun and the general deep breathing-like motions of the cosmos in extended time.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New Festivals for the Future?

Introduction to Celebrating the Helions
Can new festivals help us find our way to a more desirable future? Below is the story of some new celebrations. Perhaps such ritual cycles can aid us in establishing a restorative global culture that integrates the knowledge and potential of science with the collective wisdom of all cultures and nature. By regularly directing attention to our progress and seeking inspiration and support from evolving new stories, we may be able to better negotiate the coming crisis of our civilization. By jointly celebrating our progress and that of our planet we can experience a sense of synergising our trajectories. By including restorative actions we can be certain that at least some difference will result.

Consider exploring the possibilities for creating a better world through new festivals. Contemplate attuning to the the annual extremes of earth movement, as it moves toward and away from the sun. Join us in celebrating the time when earth and sun are furthest (the aphelion), July 3-5, 2004.

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